Battleborn 7

"World Edition"

Multiple Character Creation

Multiple Character Creation

Players can now create multiple characters on their account, each with their own backstories, journals, spells, and inventories. Each character can participate in their own campaigns simultaneously.



Characters who reach level two can now multi-class into a new field! This opens the possibility of creating many different types of characters such as a Knight + Evoker, or a Rogue + Necromancer.

Dungeon Mastering

Anyone can now run a campaign on Battleborn! Start by clicking on the "Dungeon Master" link in the navigation bar and create your own campaign or choose from premium and free pre-made campaigns! Each campaign supports note taking by the DM, session notes that can be hidden or shown, start date countdown, and a description. The campaign will generate a "sign up" link that can be sent to the players to join.

Site Themes

Customize your battleborn account with different themes!

Active Health Monitoring

Increase or decrease your health as the battles are happening! The new character health bar keeps you up to date and lets you now if your health gets too low.

Curate your abilities

Ability points are automatically awarded when your character levels up and you can spend these to fine tune your perfect stats.



New Features In Development

Additional Themes
Upgraded Inventory System
Random Event Generator
Greater Spell Balancing
NPC Builder for Campaigns
Expanded Companions Guide
Thumbprint Log In for Mobile
DM Quickstart Guide
Battleborn Expanded Rules


Nine months of active development has all lead to the biggest Battleborn launch to date! Complete with dungeon mastering and multi-character creation, Battleborn has everything you need to start and manage your own tabletop RPG game.

Started back in 2012, Battleborn has come through many iterations, each mostly improving on the version before.

  • Battleborn 1 2012: Rules and gameplay were designed. Website was prototyped to house all of the content.
  • Battleborn 2 2013: Site was updated with new graphics, and content was organized more in the fashion you see today. Mostly focusing on game rules and lore, the site was built to be an information hub.
  • Battleborn 3 2015: Character pages and accounts were launched. Everything was a manual process and needed to be updated via a developer each time something changed. Once multiple players had accounts, minor updates such as increasing a users level became extraordinarily tedious. This was the first version that was used in a campaign. Five games in total were alpha and beta tested to fine tune the rules. Many changes had to occur once real world (lol) data was collected.
  • Battleborn 4 2017: In an effort to automate many of the manual tasks involved in updating character sheets, Battleborn 4 was designed to handle everything in a database. Work went into migrating battleborn over to a php and database framework to simplify some of those tasks. It turned out to be a colossal failure and was scrapped.
  • Battleborn 5 2017: Work began with a renewed vigor to automate the tedious processes involved. The process was simplified to only focusing on a log in system. After a month and a half of work, the system was completed right as 2017 came to a close. It was constructed on top of the existing Battleborn 3 version so no new design or game rules were implemented. This also marked an important milestone, battleborn hit 10,000 lines of code!
  • Battleborn 6 2018: A weekend long, drunken codeathon to create the next version of battleborn. Failure.
  • Battleborn 7 2018: Back to the drawing board. Battleborn 7 was built from the ground up with a completely new framework. It very quickly crossed the 10k code mark and included dozens of new features that weren't even possible with version 5. Nine months later, it is ready to launch!

For any kind of feedback, bug reports, or feature requests, use the site feedback link in the footer or click here!